The Role of the CIO is Changing for the Better

The role of a Chief Information Officer or CIO has for so long been about maintaining and efficiently running an organisation’s many IT systems, implementing next-generation systems when appropriate, and doing it all at minimal cost.

With technology now becoming a principal part of business strategy this is no longer the case. CIOs are now seeing a considerable swing in this traditional and old school perspective, which is causing their role to change toward one of being their organisation’s custodians of digital and technical innovation, and charged with bringing technology entrepreneurship to their companies.

Today, innovation and entrepreneurship in technology embraces four essential components:

  • Analytics and data,
  • BYOD and mobile,
  • Cloud computing and storage, and
  • Blockchain.

Now, every CIO has to master the opportunities and challenges that come with these new essential components, while management also expects them to undertake key roles in developing their organisation’s growth strategies, delivering services and designing new business models.

The era of Entrepreneurial CIOs is upon us . . .

By Mawdud Choudhury, CEO of Meedah Group Limited

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