Tips For Successfully Implementing Private Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing and cloud storage have become extremely popular tools that alleviate the need for purchasing and updating both hardware and software. Nowadays some companies are accessing cloud services via a private cloud rather than a public one. The word “private” simply means that computing resources are dedicated to a single client rather than shared among multiple clients, thus providing an extra level of security. Businesses that are considering implementing private cloud services should consider the following tips.

Expect To Pay For Quality

Private services can be more expensive than those available in public clouds. Cost can vary according to the volume of the workload, the speed and memory needs of the software, and any non-standard virtual machines required. While cloud computing can save money in the long run, users should be prepared to pay more at the outset for a private cloud.

Assess Workloads One By One

An evaluation should consider the specific applications needed, the size of the data in storage, the amount of traffic for each block of storage, the number of operations that can be processed per second, and read/write patterns. Fortunately, managed IT providers have the tools to assess all of these factors and make recommendations regarding the amount of storage or processing power needed.

On-Board Existing Applications

Migrating existing applications to the private cloud is an important step in implementing cloud service. When software is running on multiple servers, it may need to be re-tooled somewhat in order to provide extra security; in other words, if one server goes down, the application should be able to access another server in order to continue running.

Choose Managed IT Services

Hiring in-house IT experts is expensive, and it can be risky for a company to depend completely on just one person or small department. A Managed Private Cloud, on the other hand, gives the client access to a full staff of IT professionals who are completely dedicated to making sure everything is running smoothly at all times.

Cloud computing is an increasingly popular means of minimizing risk while maximizing scalability. To learn more about whether a private cloud is the right solution for your business, visit

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