We have been in ecological debt since 1971. As of 2014, our ecological footprint was in excess of 20.6 billion global hectares, while the Earth’s capacity to generate resources to support human activity amounted to just over 12 billion global hectares. In other words, we live in a world where our consumption needs can only be met by a planet that is able to generate nearly the double of Earth’s biological resources.

On the eve of Earth Day, I figured it might be a useful exercise to carry out a quick data exploratory analysis of our consumption patterns, and the…

Technology. Politics. Economy. Society. A lot has changed since 2008. Populism is on the rise — and worries about climate change, widening income gap, privacy, human rights (amongst a score of other issues) continue to persist. How have these dynamic trends impacted our perception of personal happiness? I use data from the World Happiness Reports for a quick exploratory analysis.

On the International Day of Happiness (20th March, 2019), the UN released an updated version of its annual World Happiness report. I’ve been wanting to explore some large, macro-trends related to life satisfaction for a while now, so thought this…

Airplanes have gotten safer, haven’t they? Yes, consistent improvements in technology have made flying safer on the whole. However, airline business models increasingly focus on achieving efficiencies of scale by transporting a greater number of passengers per flight. This has dramatically increased the cost of every crash — not just in $ terms, but more importantly, when we consider the number of human lives lost.

The Ethiopian Airlines crash last week brought a renewed focus on aircraft manufacturers’ as well as regulators’ responsibilities in maintaining the highest standards of aviation safety. The days following the crash saw all major regulators…

I have a very loving husband. However I do believe that in his order of priorities, I’m firmly placed second. His first love has been, is and will always be football (soccer for all you crazy Americans and Canadians out there). I also have far too many friends and work colleagues that seem to have a rather dramatic love for the game. So as my first ever post, I figured I might as well kick-off with something football related (yes, I can be quite punny).

Thanks to the wonder that is Kaggle, I will be carrying out some preliminary analysis…

Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog. I love all things data, desserts, and beautiful designs. My ideal day consists of freshly ground and brewed coffee, comfy PJs, a good book, lots and lots of open datasets, and some pain-free coding. The last item on that list has alas, never materialized. Seeing as I spend so much of my waking (and often, sleeping) moments thinking about data, statistics, economic theories and fun visualizations, I figured I might as well set up a blog, and try to improve my storytelling ability through some fun datasets.

If you like the content here, please subscribe. But more importantly, if you have suggestions about how I could improve, or just cool topics you’d like me to explore with data — please get in touch!

Thanks once again!

Meena Aier

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