“When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, everything is lost”

I strongly believe that, be it our career or personal life it’s our right attitude that helps us reach great heights. All successful people whom we look at and learn haven’t succeeded only because of their intelligence but also because of their diligence, commitment towards work and right attitude. This is indeed the same reason for the talented Asians to be accepted abroad. The Millennial generation could very much relate themselves to it because late 1980s and early 90s were the times when Indian kids having learnt in IITs, IIMs and other institutions started moving abroad for work .

Liberalization, which happened at about the same time brought in so many new foreign commodities into the country. We got ourselves adapted to foreign products. We tasted Corn Flakes & Maggi for the first time. While these transactional exchanges brought in favorable economic conditions, we also got the taste of a multi-cultural society here.

The westerners recognized our intelligence, understood our passion and embraced the differences. The question is, did we reciprocate the gesture? When the society was open and helped us learn all positive gestures from diverse cultural traditions, did we make the right use of it?

With changing times, we adapted ourselves to wear blazers for weddings, to wear shoes to offices, to order a French toast for breakfast. While we adapted ourselves to most of the transactional relationships, did we really get to learn their positive characteristics? Did we learn to be candid, to express ourselves simpler and to get rid of taboos? More than anything, did we learn to say “SORRY” quite frequently?

Sorry, in my opinion is the most gifted word in English. This powerful word makes even the most irrational opponent to empathize with us. It’s okay to say SORRY even if we aren’t wrong because it then gives us the space to talk and make the other guy understand what has happened.

“Man is a social animal” said Aristotle. We interact with so many people every day and these so many people interact with so many people and hence it is a chain reaction .A fire in any part of the chain would cause the entire reaction to bombard creating unwanted efforts to everyone in the system. Instead of holding grievances and having hidden anger in us, it’s better to make our opponent friend understand our anger and say “SORRY”.

The next war could be for water or fuel or anything, but it can be averted only by empathizing and understanding others.

So, the next time when your boss shouts at you or when your colleague talks ill of you, first say “SORRY” and talk to them, make them understand how bad you felt then. Fighting back doesn’t always mean that we are powerful, it’s about how best we react in our worst of all situations.