Colored Emotions

Few relations are so difficult to define,

As they were never mine …..

But still I felt, still I melt…

I don’t know how to express myself

As if someone has kept my heart, in a closed bottle, with no exposure of air,

& here I saw u as a fresh winter breeze, touched my ear….

Why m happy when you are here…

Why people can see it in my eyes when you are near…

I feel like running away, as things are not simple as they appear…

Never thought we could come so close,

& it’s too difficult to disclose …

I have heard silence says it the best,

May be that’s why I was‘t able to express

May be you said few things just like that,

& those funny chats…

At times leaves my eyes little wet….

It’s not about being with you

I have my own special ways to miss you,

It’s not about how much I spoke to you,

I could not stop myself feeling for you,

& here I end by being so daaam, vocal to you….