Dadiya and I

Meet my ever young Dadiya!

She lives with my dadu in a giant house in Himachal..manages the house..does the cooking, cleaning, farming(we have small farms nearby), was having two buffaloes till 5 years back, maintains her small vegetable garden(it has garlic, spinach, sarson, onions, potatoes, bitter gourd etc as per the season)….my sweety turned 75 just a few days ago with skin as soft as a 35 year old!

Many of my characteristics come from her..we both are animal lovers..she has had rabbits, white mouse, buffaloes, goats, sheeps, parrots, dogs, hens and pigeons as pets..we both love our food..she is a big “chatori”!…we express our love also through food..I never have to tell her the second time to make something that I love..and if she knows I am coming, she herself makes Jhoule(himachali dish) which only she makes the best..Jhoule is one thing that I can have for if I cook for you, you can safely conclude that I really love you…she loves her gardening and farming and I too love growing vegetables in my balcony..we both don’t get bogged down by negative outcomes as long as our loved ones are good and safe..I am told that I am strong like her and she is the strongest woman in my entire big of my dreams of having a dairy farm is also inspired from her image with her buffaloes etched in my heart and mind..she used to give hot water bath to her buffaloes during winters and always made fresh food for them.

Today when I see and hug her, my longing for her disappears and I am again that 5 year old who wants to hold the end of her kurta and keep walking behind her but this time instead of she taking care of me, I want to take care of her.



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Meenakshi Varma

Project Manager in the IT world Photography, writing, music, dancing & cooking Tweets are my journaled experiences.