All You Need To Know About The Meghalaya Teer Association

Jonahthan Derek
2 min readApr 14, 2020


Shillong city of Meghalaya, India “Scotland of the East” very well known for the Archery game. The people of Shillong, Meghalaya admit that “TEER” is a state game of Meghalaya.

So, what basically TEER game is. Watch the video below by Quint

As I play this game frequently, I believe this game is based on dreams. On top of that, to win this game or lottery this game you should have good analytical and prediction knowledge.

This game is played daily (except Sunday & local holiday) at a particular time with two rounds. There are almost 1-hour interval between these two rounds

To get daily Meghalaya Teer Results of both the rounds, this website update on time Online. One can also get/collect the results fro a reputed counter

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One thing I found very strange in TEER game is that people belief that dream that they had last night. Based on different dreams, different numbers are predicted. Here are a few of them:

Dream Numbers

To explore all the dream numbers, visit this link.

For me, Teer is nothing but a gamble. Moreover, it is a tradition of the Meghalaya people and they have to continue the archery game.