Religion Thrives On The Fear Of Death
Vidya Narayanan

This personal take on religion is, unfortunately shallow, short-sighted and pathetic. You have every right to believe as you wish and even evangelize that belief but this is just the latest atheist attempt to boost the atheist agenda not by providing a useful contribution to humanity but by condemning religion as a whole as the chief chaos-causing culprit in the world. Mindfulness in one form or another is itself practiced in many religions: meditation, chanting, speaking in tongues, altered states of awareness and more. Modern Jewish faiths do not have a strong focus on the hereafter — many do not acknowledge heaven as a reality — but instead strive to better the world in which they live and cultivate an admirable legacy that endures into death. As a Christian, my life’s attention encompasses both this life and the next. I also walk and chew gum at the same time. Even the most cynical will admit that millions of theists are improving this planet by helping the poor, carrying the burden of the disaster victim, donating blood and organs, aiding the addicted and so much more as motivated by their personal faith in God. Religion is not the problem, abuse of religion or conflating genuine faith with terrorism, violence and depredation is the problem.

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