Let me start by saying that I appreciate you trying to write a balanced piece about the subject and…
Eyal Darshan

I mean, apart from your first point (the shooting, and more, legitimately happened in the Old City of Hebron not 10 minutes from where I was staying, but I’ll expand on that later because many have brought it up) I’m not really disagreeing with anything you’re saying here. A few things — just because I find it hard to summarize my experience does not mean I don’t have an opinion, which is that this is an illegal occupation. The Israeli government does a great job of keeping almost every part of the West Bank under immense pressure on almost every front, so that certain norms in daily life there would seem unlivable to many people in other countries. Talk to the IDF soldiers you’re talking about who were stationed in Hebron. A lot of them think that Hebron resembles the Third World and guess what, it isn’t because Palestinians don’t know how to run an economy. So to clarify, that is definitely is my opinion. That being said you’re right, forced conscription is messed up, violence does exist on both sides, and it’s difficult for two governments to negotiate when terror is a threat (both real and perceived) coming from either side. My piece was a personal one about how much more is required in order to understand all the complexities. Also, I am actually not uneducated on the subject, so I assure you that me not writing about the things you mentioned is quite a deliberate choice but does not mean that I am ignorant of them.

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