“You will try and comprehend the fact that a woman was shot by an IDF soldier not 500 meters from…
Moshe David Tokayer

I’ll address this because people keep pointing it out. I am not making this up. A woman, Sarah Tarayra, was shot on July 5th 2016 in the Old City of Hebron. She was from the same village as Muhammad Nasser Tarayra, a 17 year old Palestinian who stabbed a 13 year old Israeli to death in Kiryat Arba and was then killed himself. The murder itself is obviously incredibly messed up, but what I was addressing here was the fact that she was shot on the spot for being perceived as a threat for reasons that are now unclear — maybe she was carrying a knife (witnesses say a phone), maybe she wasn’t. Maybe her being related to the perpetrator was a factor, maybe it wasn’t. The point is that both those reasons are very poor justification for killing a person who was not posing an immediate threat in the flesh, which according to multiple on-ground news sources like Ma’an, ARIJ and B’tselem is definitely what happened. I was staying in a nearby hostel when the Kiryat Arba murder happened and was warned not to venture into the Old City that week. It became normal for me and the other volunteers to hear loud bangs at night that we couldn’t easily class as gunshots or fireworks. Also, going on trial for shooting someone without giving them a trial first really doesn’t seem that outrageous to me. It sounds like how the law should work, and sadly often doesn’t, resulting in a heap of casualties that are passed off as necessary because they “posed a (usually undefined and non-imminent) threat”.

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