Hiba Waheed

Hello neighbor,

I am from India and though I don’t have statistics at hand, but I know the problem is just as severe here.

Moreover, 32.61% people think that the victim of abuse should only consider seeking legal help if the situation gets severe.

What is severe?

My mother in law hurled abuses and insults all the time. My father in law ‘accidentally’ bumped into me and felt me several times.

My husband never did anything violent, he didn’t drink, abuse, gamble, hit — so was the situation severe enough for me to raise my voice or not?

I was told by everyone to be quiet because as long as my husband didn’t beat me, it was normal to stay silent.

I stayed silent for 3 and half years.

But then I broke the silence.

Society broke its silence too.

Everyone was advising.

Telling me what kind of a life I would have ahead.

I knew anything would be better than this.

So the answer to your question is — no one will come to break the silence for you.

You have to do it.

And we can only home that some other daughter will learn from you and then one day we will have a better world for daughters!

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