189 Days of Foreign Policy Errors
Nicholas Grossman

Your analysis is thoughtful and avoids generalization. As I mentioned on Twitter, you are being kinder to Trump than I would have been. That being said, it is worthwhile for me to state my overall position on Trump.

I am continually surprised by the number of people who still assume that Trump acts rationally — not those who will overlook every defect, cheer on his boorishness, and defend him to the end à la Hitler, but rather those in government and commentators who analyze his actions in the way that past presidents’ actions have been analyzed, as if he were the same. 
Though his actions often mask and distract from the sinister agenda of the longtime actors of the ultra-right, as well as the complicity of many Democrats who fake concern for the poor and have little to no political will, it still must be stated clearly:
Trump has no concern for anyone but himself. He would gladly sacrifice the nation to further whatever whim pops into his head at any given moment.
Every Trump action is designed to fan his ego. 
Anyone who dares act independently will immediately be thrown under the bus. Most likely, every associate, no matter how loyal, will meet this same end.
Trump cannot act consistently on any agenda items. (Fortunately, this inconsistency has helped defeat Republican attempts to repeal Obamacare.)
Trump has no moral compass and no compassion. He has no problem making promises that he has no intention of keeping. After all, if his entire business career was built on smoke and mirrors, why should we expect anything different under a Trump presidency?
The immigration situation has not worsened greatly so far because the courts have become our last line of defense against widespread injustice.
Trump will never take responsibility for any of his actions.
Trump has no grasp of foreign policy, no tact or subtlety, nor concept of the national interest, in the international arena. Any of the few positive actions under his government can and should be attributed to his advisers.
Trump is extremely ill equipped to deal with the issue of North Korea. If past administrations, with functioning bodies of decision makers, could not deter North Korea’s nuclear program, it would be naive to assume that a chaotic White House under Trump could do better.
All the areas of government that are being neglected because of the self-manufactured crisis of the moment are on autopilot. Trump has not had to deal with any major crises, especially on the international front, and if and when he does, heaven help us all.
Under Trump, nuclear war has nudged out climate change to take first place in the hierarchy of threats to the world.
I could go on, but you get the idea.

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