Meestar Pam
Dec 5, 2017 · 2 min read

Jersey Champs is Changing the Jersey Industry

Jersey Champs' Product

Sean Kelly, the owner of Jersey Champs was inspired to start a change in the jersey industry after seeing the same jerseys at every college party he went too. He saw that these customers were being ripped off by paying over $100 for a simple basketball jersey and saw an opportunity in the market for a new type of jersey to be introduced.

How did Jersey Champs start?

Jersey Champs was started by Sean Kelly, as a Freshmen at Rutgers University. He was tired of seeing the same jerseys around campus and wanted to create his own jerseys. As soon as he started making his own jerseys, kids asked him where to get them. From there, he took in pre orders which would end up funding his first order of 100 jerseys. He sold out within a week and turned it into a business from there.

Lessons Learned

The biggest lesson that Sean learned was to grow slowly and steadily. When he first started, he sold hundreds of his first jersey. But then, he released 10 new designs at the same time, and only sold a few of them. He lost money paying the designer & had thousands of dollars in wasted inventory.
Also, Sean said reaching out to influencers early in your business is key for growing quicker, as it is a very cost effective marketing tactic.

The Team

Jersey Champs has a small team, but is growing quickly. 2 Virtual Assistants, 6 Graphic Designers, 1 Website Developer & a few other minor roles make up the Jersey Champs Team.

Quality, not Quantity

Jersey Champs has been in year for nearly two years now and they stand by the quality of their jerseys. If a customer is unhappy with the jersey, Jersey Champs let’s the customer send the jersey back for a full refund.

Notable Partnerships

Jersey Champs has partnered with 2 Chainz, Wale & Jarvis Landry of the Miami Dolphins. They have also produced jerseys for a number of Music Festivals.

Contact Information

To connect with Jersey Champs you can reach Sean Kelly at his personal Instagram or through the Jersey Champs Business Instagram

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