The Margin Between the Truly Talented & Those Who Thrive In Mediocrity
Ron Gibori

I found quite a bit of this disagreeable and to be setting unrealistic & idealistic expectations for people to meet.

Being the employee to turn on/off the light switch might give you the warm fuzzies, but it speaks nothing to results.

Having a mentor to look up to is really wonderful — but not everyone has the luxury to walk away from their job because they don’t have everything they want.

If you’re spending so much time turning on/off lightswitches in the office and delivering projects a week early, you probably won’t have much time to learn, or practice your craft, or go skydiving.

lastly, it’s hugely important people make sure their own cups are full, before they try and fill the cups of others. To take a thought from the bible: my cup runeth over. what’s in the cup is for me; what spills out is for everyone else.

Overall, this was a hit and miss piece for me. It’s by no means all bad, but the good advice was harder for me to be open to, when faced with other points I found to be so contrary.