How I made a marketing video in 8 hours

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3 min readMar 6, 2019

This is my first post ever. Please do forgive me if I made any mistakes 🙈. For those who don’t know much about it - I made this marketing video for my product Verifier helps you weed out disposable, non-existent or invalid emails to prevent community spamming or give more power to free trials!

Things I used: Pen, Paper, Loom, iMovie.

I will try to break down the process step by step, starting from brainstorming to the final video.

Deciding the content for the video

I took a pen and paper and asked myself a simple yet powerful question-

What benefits do I want to show?

I came up with just a single line answer — Benefits like preventing community spam or fake users. This was my main idea while making the product. Then I wrote down the flow for the video. Basically the story of the video. I wrote down the story in pointers so I can further work on it.

Then I made a simple storyboard on how should the screens look like with a rough sketch and added a little narration to it.

Original photo of how the storyboard looked like.

Then I made a checklist of what assets I need while making the video. I collected all the assets beforehand so that I don’t get distracted while making the video by the web.

Made a checklist in Trello

Making the Video…

I wanted a screen recorded video of a user signing up with a fake email. And then one video where the user tries to signup with fake email but fails after the API integration. I used Loom to record video of the screen. With Loom you can record 4k HD videos with just a click.

Click on start and good to go.

After recording the raw footage, I imported all clips to iMovie for editing and adding music to it. I added all the clips and while making the video improvised the story with some new screens. With iMovie, you can add trim, add text slides, sounds easy and that’s all you need. For gifs, I searched it online on

You can do many of the things from the option above the video preview in iMovie

How to use iMovie will take another article, but you can search on youtube for tutorials. There are lots of content for iMovie.


After playing it several times and correcting some mistakes, the video was ready to be exported 🕺🏻. I exported the video and uploaded it to Vimeo and done!. The video was ready to be embedded on the website. I embedded the video using They have a variety of customizations for the video player.

That’s how I made the video in just 8 hours! It was also my first time making a marketing video. I enjoyed the whole process of creative juices flowing.

That’s it, guys! Let me know if you have any feedback. And do comment on which tool you use for making videos.