Arvind Kejriwal Sacks Sandeep Kumar Over Sex Scandle But Fails To Explain What Was So Scandalous!

And Shouldn’t the ‘Whistleblower’ has been acted against?

“The sex tape of Kejriwal government’s women and child development minister begins with this room. The state of the room doesn’t suggest it is a minister’s room. The room has a cupboard (actually they are shelves) and the cupboard has books. One part of the cupboard (shelf) is broken. There’s a calendar hanging on the wall. The calendar needs to be pointed out (with a big, red bobbing arrow) because the calendar could prove to be a big clue in this sex scandal (meanwhile, the calendar is hidden by the ABP news logo). There’s an ordinary mattress with a sheet on it. Delhi’s cabinet minister Sandeep Kumar is about to enter the room with a minister. Minister Sandeep Kumar is wearing a red-coloured half-pant (a shirtless man enters the frame). And the woman is wearing a green dress. The woman is old and perhaps married. Look at this, minister Sandeep Kumar has entered. (Freeze frame, close up shot of Sandeep Kumar’s shirtless torso.)”
Transcript (Courtesy: Shivam Vij)

A supposed ‘whistleblower’ provides sex CD (I’m told it was pendrive in real!) to ABP news channel where Aam Aadmi Party’s Cabinet Minister Sandeep Kumar is caught on camera in ‘compromising position’. Channel goes on air with above footage and lot more. Arvind Kejriwal in exemplary expediency sacks the Women and Child Welfare minister although there are few reports that claim that the ‘CD’ was in his possession from some time. Whatever the events, not Arvind Kejriwal nor ABP have told us what the exact crime is in this case. And that’s most worrying part of all the episode.

First, the video — when was it shot? Was it before the marriage of minister, before he became minister or after? Is it authentic? ABP claimed they can’t authenticate the video yet they went on air with it! Who are the ladies in the video? Are they adult? Are they from his ministry? There are many such questions that should have been asked and found answers to before going public with the tape or sacking. For gods-sake, he is a public individual.

ABP jounalist tweeted and later deleted the same tweet that the video is from Sandeep’s college days…

Next, were the women forced into act or did they participate out of consent? If it was consent then what is the whole case? AAP is widely using the term ‘corruption’ to describe the act and to defend his sacking but fails to explain the exact nature of ‘corruption’ in this case. Was there any quid-pro-quo? Did he pass any government secrets in return for sexual favors? What was the corruption?

Is it a case of adultery? Was the women married? Was Sandeep Kumar married when this happened? And did their respective partners if they indeed were married has any objection? Section 497 of The Indian Penal Code on Adultery states,

Whoever has sexual intercourse with a person who is and whom he knows or has reason to believe to be the wife of another man, without the consent or connivance of that man, such sexual intercourse not amounting to the offence of rape, is guilty of the offence of adultery, and shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to five years, or with fine, or with both. In such case the wife shall not be punishable as an abettor.

Adultery is crime only when the girl is married and Sandeep Kumar knows her to be married.

Twitter is fuming over Sandeep Kumar being the ‘ Women and Child Welfare’ minister as if the ‘women and child welfare’ ministers can’t have sex in this country. The case has brought into fore many uncomfortable questions about the kind of journalism practiced in our country. Will ABP care to explain why this ‘news’ was news at first place?

What is the whole case? Who is criminal and Why?

Should the whole case be not of intruding into one’s public life?

What happens in one’s bedroom is private matter. Consensual sex amongst the adults is not a crime. So far. Here is someone intruding into one’s private life and recording sexual acts between a man and woman. Is that not a crime? Should action be not taken against him? Where does this madness stop. And ABP, should they have not taken prior care before going ahead with stupid coverage for rat-race? Did Arvind Kejriwal gave chance to Sandeep Kumar to explain or make his case?

Whatever the case, for good and bad, this has again brought into fore the discussion on archaic adultery laws in India. There have been many committees like Malimath who have proposed to modify adultery laws but nothing has moved ever since to change the ‘biblical’ text of section 497. ABP and other channels have clearly shamed and victimized Sandeep Kumar without a thorough background check. For heaven’s sake, you are news channel and not porn site to telecast sex tapes. Here’s how PornHub, a popular porn site took dig at this episode.

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