Dear Bhakts, Modi failed with NSG. Deal with it. Don’t shame PM any further with your jingoism!

Dear Modi supporters, 
Let me make it easier and clear for you. Remember the ‘Indira is India, India is Indira,’ cry of Congress. Well, you are increasingly imitating those sycophants. No matter who is the leader, India has been India, is and will remain so. Yes, Modi is the popular leader but there are still people in few (or most of) villages who don’t know who Modi is. So calm down. Here is something on Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG), mocking India or celebrating India’s defeat in getting breakthrough at Seoul, banning Chinese goods to teach China a lesson they won’t forget and a bit more. 
First things first, yes China opposed India’s bid to become member nation of NSG but it was not China alone. In addition to China, Switzerland and Brazil, both nations which previously supported India’s claim, withdrew their support. Switzerland, in case you forgot, was the country which our respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a tour of. ‘Futile’ is the word you must be looking for. Apart from this, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand too have reportedly opposed India’s claim. I know targeting China is easier given the raw emotions it generates but that’s the whole picture you are missing in your whatsapp forwards. The reason China cites for not supporting India’s claim is how India is not signatory of the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT), which is one criterion for NSG membership. India on the other hand claims NPT is mere guideline not mandatory procedure. 
Second, the mocking and celebration part. That picture of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) supporters celebrating India’s failure in securing NSG position, how to put this, is fake. The photo is old but the photoshop new. I know some of you are expert in cut-paste heroics but people of India have grown to understand it now. Although, there is still hope for you given how still some of them were sharing that ‘news’ of UNESCO declaring Modi as the ‘best Prime Minister’. Grow up you guys, grow up. 
There is difference between ‘India’ and ‘Indian government’. We Indians, support, respect and cherish ‘India’ always but no, we don’t cheer or support ‘Indian government’ always. Sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t. It is issue based. So when India’s bid at NSG fails, it is failure of Modi government’s strategies and negotiations and not failure of India as whole. When we mock or criticize, we aren’t mocking India but the government. Mind that difference. I know it very well, how this jingoism works but no, you won’t get me this time. Remember always, India was never Indira and India will never be Modi. Modi’s failures are his alone. In fact, it is failure of his strategies. Tomorrow, he may succeed and voila! We will cheer. But again, it’s not mandatory! 
Next and the important, banning of Chinese goods. It’s absurd at that. I’m personally not against stop using Chinese goods. Let’s stop using them and use Swadeshi (home grown) items. Let us support ‘Make in India’. But are we really at that position? Do we have the cheap alternatives for cheap Chinese products? People use Chinese goods for some reason. One, they are cheap. Second, read one again! So until you come up with that alternative, don’t forward those stupid texts. Or it will turn out to be another ‘stop using Snapdeal’ theatric which never really kicked off apart from few tweets and whatsapp forwards. Cheer yourself up. Get some fresh air and remember only about 1% of India is on Twitter! 
Last but important, remember we have other pressing issues. Modi is no superman. People fail. He failed. Chill. Failures happen. We need to learn from them and move on. Yes, he tried. So did others before him. Appreciate them if you want and move on. I’m sure he has other issues than holding grudge against a country like a child. I’m sure he knows the rising inflation, prices of tomatoes, dal and other commodities. I’m sure PM is aware of farmer suicides and agrarian crisis. I don’t know what he has done for them apart from that prized mention in ‘Mann Ki Baat’, his monthly radio program. There are accounts where government is not listening to Supreme Court directives, not paying MNREGA payments as old as two years. I’m sure my PM is aware of all this and more domestic issues. NSG won’t fill our stomachs. May be it’s important but simply how important?

P.S. I see how many people are reminded time and again by few that Modi is PM of India and we need to respect him. Let me remind them again and again, how Manmohan Singh, Jawaharlal Nehru too were Prime Ministers. Check your own old tweets, updates, see how you have mocked them. I have myself made fun of Manmohan Singh when rupee was plunging but nobody asked me to respect my PM then, why now? Modi might be your favourite leader, your so and so, but to me, he is just another politician, just another PM, and I will respect him accordingly. In any way, Modi himself knows how he had mocked Manmohan. If you don’t then you can help yourself by going through his clips on YouTube. So I don’t think he cares someone making a toon of him or taking dig at his policies. Cheer up. Move on. They come and go. But India will remain.

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