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For some reason, I sense you are vegetarian or someone who feels increasing need to switch to be one. Whatever the case, there’s difference between killing to eat and killing for recreation. Now you can call it hypocrisy of non-vegetarians. But if one looks at food-chain, this is all part of how nature is and how it was since its very beginning. Then comes the question of why we save few animals who we group under ‘endangered species’? That’s special case. Why we care baby in formative years more than when it grows over the years!? It’s because it’s weak and may go extinct that we save. This is all complex and at times even I find myself on crossroads. But over the years I have made peace with myself. Killing animals that won’t go extinct for eating is fine but killing or torturing them for fun and recreational activities is not.

Moreover, the chickens that we kill are raised by humans for that very purpose. We no more go into jungles to hunt and feast but we feast on what we rear! So it’s more or less like plants that we grow to consume. Yes, animals can shout and their spilled blood is hard to look at while plants can’t do anything as such… But hey, that’s how it’s been and probably will continue to be…

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