Friendship Day Poem — To All Friends Out There Who Go to Lengths to Make Others Happy! Cheers!

The breezy winter mornings I wake in
The dusky evenings I sleep in
The merry laughs I undergo 
All and more, are nothing but illusion without you!

Birth they say is when journey begins
Alas! My start’s the day I caught you in
Even my sorrows turn to sheer pebbles when It’s you I walk in with!

My belief in god gets a hit at times
I simply cease to believe in!
Then the gleam of your smile
makes my doubts settle down...

I’m not any legend but you are..
You are the person I crave for
I am mere blood and flesh on these bones 
It’s you my friend who makes me HUMAN.

Happy Friendship Day all! Wherever you are, have a great time. Ring me if you feel like… I’m always up to listen to your voice — you know I am! The poem above was written long long time ago. Seems like in other age. Bye.

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