To Say Tanmay Bhat Tweeted Narendra Modi’s Picture With Snapchat Filter For Publicity is like saying Muslims Are Eating Beef To Get Themselves Killed

Let me begin with the beef of the matter (pun intended!).

Recently, there was an image of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s doppelganger which was going viral. There were memes, photoshopped funny images and all sorts of things which internet is famous for. Tanmay Bhat, a comedian and founder of All India Bakchod (remember the AIB Roast?), harped on that train with his take. He tweeted following image with the doppelganger at left and that notoriously famous Snapchat filter one to its right.

All hell broke loose in a parallel universe where Indian PM’s blind followers (popularly knows as bhakts) live in. They are not known to digest any slight joke towards their favorite leader but a Snapchat filter? Little too much you might think but then you don’t really know them, do you? They went haywire on twitter where it all began. And eventually, Tanmay deleted the tweet. But then, I don’t really get the whole tweet-and-delete on the internet. You know, it just doesn’t work that way on the internet. You can’t really undo anything on the internet. It’s there once you’ve hit publish. Delete, edit, update — It’s just not gonna disappear. But anyhow, he did. Did that stop the mad storm? You bet but it didn’t.

Yes, someone walked up to a police station (or however he/she did) and registered a First information Report (FIR). Again, for what? A tweet, a tweet with an image of PM with Snapchat filter, that’s associated mostly with cuteness but not on Modi’s face you moron.

Nobody Dare Mess With My Leader!

Modi’s followers and that includes his ministers have this weird fascination with their leader. Every tom-dick-and-harry from his cabal of leaders every now and then tries to up himself in the game of perpetual orgasming over their leader. There is censor board chief who asks filmmakers to bring NOC from his leader for using his name in a documentary, certain Naidu thinks Modi is the avatar, Sharma says Modi is today’s Gandhi (oh yeah, I know. I know the irony!). And then there’s former Goa Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar. See for yourself.

When such is the show put up by its top leaders, you expect followers to go that extra mile. And they go that way every now and then. Another day another BJP leader filed FIR against journalist Rana Ayyub for following tweet where she took a jibe (?) at NDA’s Presidential nominee.

There are an absurd lot of them. They just can’t digest anything, anything against their leader. I wonder what would happen if India had someone like John Oliver who showed US President Donald Trump nude in White House on one of his shows (apart from the gazillion digs he had taken against Trump!). God save Oliver! Each time Oliver cracks a joke on Trump, I wonder what if someone in India had done this to Modi? FIR is given, I fear for their life too. Given how easy it is to kill (that’s mild. They don’t kill anymore, they lynch and beat to death!) people nowadays and then say “he was eating beef” or “carrying beef” or “storing beef” or whatever that has beef or cow in it. Okay. beef reminds me of the popular go-to argument why Tanmay (or anyone who cracks a joke at someone’s expense that turns into outrage) does what he does. In fact, AIB has been cracking those long before Modi came to power.

That doesn’t mean Congress is all saint when it comes to humor at their expense. Here’s AIB’s Rohan taking a Congressman to cleaners around the same controversy (head to Twitter and check the thread).

He Is Seeking Publicity!

Oh yes! Publicity. And how did he do that? That stupid just tweeted. You gave him the very publicity you allege him to be seeking in the first place. Got it?
It’s like saying, Muslims are eating beef to get themselves killed. Think about it? You are tired of your life, but then you know you can’t kill yourself; maybe you are ‘coward’ or just feared of law that would take you into custody in case you fail to get yourself killed by yourself! So what do you do? You buy some beef. No money? No problem. They don’t check if you have beef or if you really ate beef, they are just waiting to hear you did. You got WhatsApp or Twitter or facebook? Just fucking type-the-shit-that-you-did-eat-the-beef and they will do their job. Job? Well, you thought they had any other job? These are the people who are employing themselves in population control. remember how their leader promised to create jobs once he comes to power? Do you know he did? He created Zero jobs.

Almost no new jobs have been created under Mr. Modi. In the late Singh years, economists say, at least 400,000 extra jobs were added yearly. In the last three years of Mr. Singh’s government, from 2011 to 2014, on average 579,000 extra jobs were added yearly in India.
That was far too few, considering roughly one million people join the labor force every month. But under Mr. Modi the job-creation rate has fallen, in effect, to zero. Data for 2015, the latest year for which they are available, suggest that little more than 100,000 jobs were added to India’s economy.
- New York Times

But his supporters can’t digest such facts. So they are employing themselves, creating jobs for themselves to save their leader.

Think of all this. Had Tanmay not tweeted that picture of Modi with dog filter, this controversy wouldn’t have occurred. Is it not like saying, had that person who is dead now, had not consumed/stored/carried beef (he did or not is another matter), he would be alive today! How absurd.

The fact is Tanmay tweeted what he wanted to and what he found to be funny as much as anyone who wanted to taste his/her steak. Just like that. They don’t want you to hurt your feelings or emotions. That was your call. to blame your outrage on someone else is plain stupidity of highest order. get over it. We know you are jobless, don’t shout it to the world. Please don’t.

Note: I don’t personally think both matters, FIR on Tanmay’s tweet and a person getting killed for alleged beef eating/storing/transporting are comparable but just couldn’t help digest the absurdity of arguments in both debates. Apologies in advance lest someone takes the pain to register another stupid FIR. Just wanted to get this off my chest.

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