Dear Dheeraj,
Tejas Chitale

You read it all wrong. What I intended to convey was the brazen carelessness in which our government officials and Narendra Modi in particular have been treating this serious issue. Narendra Modi was CM back when he gave all those speeches and interviews calling for ‘strict’ action against Pakistan. Now one can’t brush it of as election rhetoric, some sort of tactic to woo voters like 15 lacs was. For god sake, this is about national security. You don’t act like Trump in such matters.

Remember the time when PV Narasimha Rao, a Congress PM sent Vajpayee, BJP leader to UN to put forth India’s case. Opposition has every right to grill the govt. But it should be careful of its words on matters such as this.

Then, our Home Minister, Defense Minister and others. Look at their statements. Is that the language you expect from them? What happened to sense?

My concern isn’t India not acting but the callousness with which they are playing with citizen’s emotions.

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