It’s not about being fat or thin.

I speak out about being overweight, and happy. And sometimes I’m treated as if I’m an endangered species or some other ridiculous thing. I mean, holy shit…right? I’m fat and I don’t hate myself. Yippee. I’ll gladly step up as a role model in this space — mainly because it took me a long time to get here.

But, this is the thing. Since I first started talking about this, a lot of people send me articles. Lots of articles. Articles about being “fat and sexy” or “fat and happy” or “curvy and courageous.” And, that’s all great. But, it’s not the point. It’s not the fucking point at all, honestly.

The point isn’t about being fat and happy. It’s about being happy.

The point isn’t about being fat and sexy. It’s about being sexy.

The point isn’t about being curvy and courageous. It’s about being courageous.

The point isn’t about being big and beautiful. It’s about being beautiful.

So, if we…for just one fucking second, could take our focus off of the classification, that would be amazing. You are sexy. You are smart. You are a goddamn gorgeous human being. And the fat thing? It comes, and goes. You can lose weight, but you’ll never lose being beautiful. The same goes for those who are thin. You may gain weight some day, but you’ll still be brilliant and amazing.

Because sexy, is a state of mind. Confidence, is a state of mind. Courage. Beauty. Brilliance. All of it, is you…as a human being. Not a body. A body is a shell that holds who you are. But inside, you are ALWAYS you.

So, for the time being you can keep your, “I’m fat and I have it all!” articles. I’ll be sitting over here thinking about the fact that no matter what the weight, I’m still me. You’re still you. And nobody, does it better.

Stay beautiful.