To: Men Who See Flaws in the Mirror

One thing I’ve realized in this body confidence journey is that it is a part of each and every one of us. Insecurity does not discriminate. So, to the dear, magnificent males in my life: this post is for you. It’s sexual in nature, because everyone deserves to be sexy, dammit. Everyone.

Pics via @productpoet

To the men who looked in the mirror today, and saw a slender body
lacking the muscles seen in magazines: you are beautiful. Agile, with
a facial bone structure to die for. The same way you see our sexy hearts
through extra fat, we see your soul without the need for additional
padding. Your passion has the ability to capture the mind, and that is a strength that even he-man cannot compete with. Your lanky limbs move with a grace we envy. The squared up shoulders hold the weight of the world, you are stronger than you appear…and we know this. All of us do.

To the men who looked in the mirror today, and saw extra pounds: you
are beautiful. The struggles, I feel them too, many of us do — the lack of a six pack doesn’t take away your man card, screw that. The way you walk,
shoulders back, and unapologetically you, is hot. The extra padding
feels safe, sexy and it makes you human and real. You are no less of a man because there is more of you. You are complete.

To the man who looked in the mirror today, and saw hints of gray: you are
beautiful. A silver fox, whose wisdom is sexy. The laugh lines tell us
you’ve seen a lot, and the eyes have the ability to look through our
hurt to see our souls. Listening. Years of experience telling you what your partner needs both in and out of the bedroom. Your time on this earth is celebrated, leathered skin showing the character that has been built.

To the men who looked in the mirror today, and noticed more hair,
gone: you are beautiful. We’re not looking at your head, we’re looking at
your eyes and how they squint at us with mischief, laughter, and intelligence. There are days some of us hide behind our hair, but you don’t…because you don’t need to. You’re out there, for the world to see. Badass,
bald, and on another level…the innocence of youth, gone. A man, comfortable in his own skin.

And, finally…to all of the men who looked in the mirror today, and saw something they didn’t like: you are beautiful. We like you, for being you. Perfection is boring. Your imperfections give you character, and we wish you could see that. You tell US we are beautiful, and that confidence
is the sexiest trait…but don’t take your own advice. Drink the dose
of medicine you prescribe, and rule the world you sexy motherfuckers.