No One Comes To Work Trying To Do A Bad Job

​No one comes to work trying to do a bad job. This is worth remembering:

How can you help others to overcome your shared problems?

But where is the limit?

If they are your superior, is this still the right mind-set? If they are your peer and competing for promotion with you is this still the right mind-set? What if they are incompetent and you are covering up for them time and time again? What if they do not listen to your help and the project or business is failing as a result?

This may still be the right course of action. Sometimes the help they need is to be set free to do something they are better at. A different project, a different job, a different company.

Even if they do not think so at the time, if it is not working what’s going to change?

Or maybe it is you that needs to change? Remember we judge others by their actions and ourselves by our intentions.

Try this thought exercise of finding the good in others. Think what their intentions could be if they were a good person, if they were scared, insecure or shy. Then look at your own actions and imagine how this could be perceived by others assuming bad intentions.

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