On Customer Service Or: The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Of The Dismissive Salesperson

Your customers have a mix of personalities. Curt, brash and focused on getting what they want. Loud, outgoing and want to chat. Quiet, reflective and want all the details. Some are loyal and some are fickle.

Do you know the difference up front? I doubt it.

Imagine a car salesman that sees hundreds if not thousands of people each year. She knows who will buy and who won’t. She courts the buyers, expels the time wasters and is always proving herself right.

What if you treated everyone like they might come back? Like they needed more time to think. Like they were already a loyal customer? You might be surprised.

If you treat some of your customers as if they are not coming back, the danger is you might be right.

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Originally published at www.meetimeapps.com.