The World Is Changing

​Any “profession” is rule-based and exam based. Therefore, can be better done by a computer or someone with the same rules that will work for less money than you.

Since the industrial revolution, jobs have gone to machinery, robotics and assembly lines of the cheapest paid worker. Why would it not? There is literally no value in the alternative.

The good advice then was to get a profession and education was the way out and the way up. Now the same thing is happening to office workers. Automation, machine learning, the internet. All much cheaper, more efficient and more effective than humans. But only humans who phone it in, who do the bare minimum, that despise interaction.

Choose a job that is eminently human. Connection, caring, innovation. Those are the jobs for life now, not accountants or traders or production line operators.

The world is changing. And you can either be on the right or wrong side of it. Whilst others are drinking in the middle of the day bemoaning the government, you could be starting a business, learning to sell, building a network.

Remember there is money to be made when the market drops. Circumstance does not matter if you win either way.

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What would you do with and extra hour per day?

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