Why Does Anyone Else Care How You Spend Your Time?

​What if you worked eight hours at a corporate job then spent three hours working on a side project?

What if you did your side job in the middle of the day: worked two hours at your corporate job, three hours on a side project and then six hours back at your normal job?

What if you juggled your energy between the two all day and got more done in both?

What if you found out that you get better results, more consistently — and had more energy — only doing four hours of work a day in total between the two?

Why does anyone care about this spit? And why are people really worried about the gig economy?

Taxes. Not workers’ rights or productivity. If everyone has time to be their own corporate entity then the government will receive much less tax. Or worse, the population may realise they are much better than anyone ever thought and stop becoming full time worker-consumers.

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What would you do with and extra hour per day?

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Originally published at www.meetimeapps.com.