You Do Not Have Time To Read This Because You Are Too Busy

​Time management? You cannot manage time.

Priority management? First you must have priorities other than the never ending “urgent”.

“I’m too busy”

Try these tips, go on this course, read this book — they might help.

“I don’t have time, because I’m too busy”

Everyone has the same amount of time so why can one person do this (task, project, job) and another cannot?

Because you are a failure? Because you are a loser? Because you are destined to never progress?

No, because you are either not efficient or because you are not effective:

Effective at dropping the shit that does not need to be done. Effective at ruthlessly avoiding interruptions. Effective at consistently focusing on the main things that will drive your project, your career, your life forward.

Efficient at doing a task as fast as it can be done. Efficient at using technology to save time. Efficient at using other people’s time and other people’s money.

You don’t have time to work on yourself? There is a cost to everything you do and everything you do not do.

The cost of not consistently working on yourself is your life. Is it worth it, just so you can say you were too busy?

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What would you do with and extra hour per day?

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