There are too many people like me are spending their time on social media.

Sometimes I look back on the spent time, I realize how much time I’ve wasted then I searched tips on the web and I got some common answers related to work focus and etc.

Some of the tips I would like to share with you. Cause normally out of 10 people 7 or people spending their 2 to 3 productive hours in digital gossips on social media sites.

Scrolling on time-line is sometimes interesting due to updates from individuals or friends. But when I get the estimates of time I have spent on social media I got surprised that I have spent 40 to 50 minutes to scroll timeline and watching crafts, DIY and science videos that are very entertaining but not productive. …

Making showoff on web is slightly funny because represent our self is little differ then other introduce us.

Well no concern, let’s talk about mediums we can use to boost our footprints instead of social media junk posts(Not 100% 😛).

  • Create beautiful static introduction page with description and meta.
  • Add social account links of yours and same user name you may use in keyword in website meta to power-up your unique identity.
  • Social sites url that are useful to include : linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, Quora, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Use OpenGraph and Twitter meta tags in your static page.
  • Is technology, making u fun?? host it with github pages or other static content providers. …



Web Developer

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