As the Meet Magento Baltics conference draws nearer, we are continuing the introduction series for the people most responsible for making the event great.

Also, make sure to check out the first part in case you missed it.

Jonathan Ribas | CTO at Zadig&Voltaire

The first-ever Magento community event in the Baltic States is approaching fast, so we are offering you the chance to learn more about the speakers who will share their experience and knowledge on stage.

Ben Marks | Evangelist at Magento, an Adobe Company

Meet Magento Baltics offers a unique opportunity to participate in a workshop lead by the ScandiPWA core team. During the workshop, you will get your hands dirty with the most trendy tech in eCommerce in 2019 - Progressive Web Apps.

For who

-Magento Front-End or Back-End developers;

-React Developers;

You can attend the workshop if you are a developer familiar with React, regardless of eCommerce platform you are working with. If you are not Magento proficient, you still will be able to leverage PWA concepts shared during the workshop in your next PWA project.

What you will learn:

You will gain a deep knowledge of how…

W e are excited to announce that the global event series “Meet Magento” is coming to the Baltic States. This fall, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to learn about the world’s leading eCommerce platform during the Meet Magento Baltics conference, taking place in Riga, Latvia.

What is Magento?

Magento is an open-source eCommerce platform, recognized as the leading commerce software in the world. Used by brands like Paul Smith, Helly Hansen, Chopard, Swatch, Coca Cola and 200,000+ others, it is a tool designed to help entrepreneurs provide the best online shopping experience for their clients.

What are “Meet Magento” events?

Meet Magento is a global event series that…

Meet Magento Baltics

Connecting leading Baltic eCommerce merchants on an unprecedented scale |

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