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Mental health‘s technological imperative — through the pandemic and beyond

While epidemiologists and virologists around the world push to understand and limit the impact of COVID-19, a new foe has arisen that takes a slightly different form: that of the mental health pandemic. In a study led by the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 40% of respondents reported significant symptoms of depression and anxiety — a level nearly twice that from surveys prior to the pandemic. …

Illustration of regions of the brain

As Covid’s second wave takes hold over many parts of the U.S. many researchers are starting to develop a deeper understanding of how COVID affects individual organ systems. There have been many stories about how COVID affects the pulmonary system but not as much about the effects of COVID on one very important organ, the brain!

Many researchers are starting to acknowledge that some of those who have had COVID, and recovered, may continue to have persistent issues with their brain and central nervous system.

The most common neuropsychiatric symptoms of Covid-19 include confusion, loss of consciousness, headaches, and changes…

Team Marvin

Our mission is to end the one-size-fits-all approach to mental health.

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