Simplicity: Just Do It

My daughter Grace is obsessed with Nike. She loves the clothes, the shoes, the socks… anything with the iconic swish. I think it’s mostly because the clothes are comfortable and she’s an athlete, but also because Grace has a ‘Just Do It’ mindset. Of course this mindset is applied to mostly eating, running and video gaming –and selectively not applied to cleaning her room. Regardless, I can’t help but think we can all learn something from the iconic tag line.

A major part of the reason my recipes are five ingredients or less is to simplify the process. In other words, simple equals easy. But, on the other hand, making a good simple meal doesn’t always add up to easy. Especially after a long day at the 11thhour, conjuring up the motivation to cook can be a pain all by itself. Sometimes the most simple things can become the most complicated to achieve.

Often, I’ve found, that our complicated relationship to food is a major driver behind why we can’t seem to get ourselves to turn on the burner and get started– it’s literally called a food complex! But, the key is to simplify both the process and the mind-set. I’ve covered the process, but it’s up to you create the mindset.

When hesitation towards the kitchen creeps in while you’re sitting in traffic– that’s where the simple mindset comes into play. Quiet the excuses, take a deep breath and whisper Just do it. The second you make that first move you’re already 80% there, meaning 80% of becoming a cook is getting over the hump and beginning, the rest is history.

Here’s the bottom line: it’s easier to make cooking complicated for yourself mentally than it is to make it simple, but if you can relax into cooking and see it as a simple process you may come to find that not only is cooking methodical and easy, it can be a relaxing process all by itself. Peeling a potato is kind of satisfying, chopping lettuce can be meditative and presenting your finished meal can strike a creative spark in your soul. The trick is to allow for cooking to become a positive force in your life through simplifying your relationship to it, and just making that first move.

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Originally published at on February 19, 2016.

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