Why do things are not going right?

Hey, Guys I am working with a start up. Hope you guys familiar with this word a company which start growing on some idea. Last week was so much frustrating for me. My laptop was not working fine, my productivity becomes below average and I am unable to understand what my boss really wanted from me.

Then in the week days I tried to figure out who is responsible for that, my company, which had given me a lot of work which become unmanageable, my laptop which is older enough to perform faster, my mind which is not focusing on work or me who is unable to manage all these things.

Then I realized that’s me who is unable to manage my self, I wanted these things to be happen with me other wise I would change my laptop which is top priority to me, then manage my work so they finished in proper way give at least 1 hour for me in day to focus out these things and make my own growth. So by doing this, I fixed all my problems and doing well now and writing this blog to not forget the lesson.

So when do these circumstances can occurs with you? Answer according to me i, when you are not able to prioritize your task. Even it is related to you professional work or your personal life. So from this moment I started working on myself and my priorities.

So how can you prioritize things? Always try to focus on your long term goals which will helps you in prioritizing things. Sometime we will let the thing as they because we are focusing on our short term goals. But later these small thing will become bigger and when they will target you at the point of a time when really regret that. Keep thing small and simple which will help you to make your vision clear.

As I am not a professional blogger so pardon my language and English. My main focus to share something which I learned from a moment of my life.