Announcing Us

After weeks of procrastination I seriously had to give in and pick up my creative writing skills from the I-cant-do-it/laziness basket. I have always known I could write though not like a professional(I loved composition as a kid) but I love to pour out thoughts in my head not necessarily for people to read but to see the unending convo in my head in black and white.

Yeah, my head is a busy place to living in, so busy I don’t get bored easily. A lot of fast moving scenes. No! my mind is a monkey, it jumps from tree to tree without rest! All day, everyday! ‎I believe it has made me both a good and a bad life student.

There are some things my mind didn’t do right, a whole lot of it I am trying to change know. My mind made me a hider…..a complete introvert! I still hide till now because I know no better way! But I will hide better now not behind concrete walls but right here ; behind this thin sheet of veil; screens. I am determined to put me out there not on a face to face medium but behind screens. I still like the people feel but once awhile! Me, my mind and every other monkey will be on your screens more often.

So what will we be saying:

Lots of our opinions ‎about Life issues.

Lots of our opinions about the Nigerian

Lots of our opinions about Network Marketing

Lots of our opinion about us, and the people we like and those don’t like yet! We are not capable of hate.