Europe’s Best Guided Tour off the Beaten Track — Meetrip

Europe is home of the guided tour. With so many historic monuments and places to visit, there is no continent which has more to see and do in such a concentrated area. However, when travelling here the temptation is to stick to the regular destinations and some of Europe’s treasures are often overlooked. The places have great sights without the stress and hassle of the busier cities. “But if they’re hidden treasure how do I know where to find them?” we hear you ask? Well we’ve got just the answer, we’ve compiled a list of Europe’s best 5 unsung cities for a guided tour.

  1. Leeds

What was once a centre of industry in the United Kingdom suffered during the 1980s but thanks to a retail revival, the city is well and truly back on its feet. Take a guided tour around one of Europe’s fastest growing cities and explore the host of new museums and shops which now characterise the city. Don’t miss the chance to has a taste of the North’s famous nightlife in one if the many clubs and bars which litter the city.

2. Malmo

With the gorgeous St. Peter’s Church, the gorgeous 16th-century Malmöhus Castle, the Gothic town hall and Sweden’s tallest building the Turning Torso Malmo is an attractive destination for any traveller. However, since it is only 35 minutes away from Copenhagen, Malmo makes for the perfect day trip for anyone in the Danish capital. The town is perhaps best for the fans of the hit Scandinavian television series “The Bridge”, who can take a guided tour around the shows set.

3. Valencia

With all the attention paid to the Costa del Sol during the summer seasons, Valencia is often overlooked. With a myriad of museums, aquariums and galleries the city is never short of things to do. Use a guided tour to explore some Europe’s best examples of 19th century modernist a architecture (almost all designed by Santiago Calatrava) and of course don’t forget its world famous Paella restaurants.

4. Mantua

Within reaching distance of both Milan and Venice, the city offers a little bit of them. A Renaissance city, Mantua was built by the Gonzaga dynasty who were great patrons of the arts and architecture. It therefore has a host of churches, palazzi, and lovely arcaded shopping streets. Its size means that it can be tackled in a day and a guided tour will take you to some of the best art and architecture Europe has to offer.

5. Helsinki

Perhaps not unheard of, but rarely visited, mainland Europe’s most northern capital city has a wonderful blend of different architectural and cultural influences. A short guided tour on foot will take you to see some of Europe’s best Swedish, Russian, neoclassical and art nouveau architecture all with the backdrop of the spectacular Baltic Sea. Without a doubt Helsinki offers the European guided tour off the beaten track.


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