Explore the Hidden Gems of London with Your Local Travel Tour Guide

London — One of the probably most exciting and diverse places on earth. A city of cosmopolitan status and a vibrant big city life, by day and night.

For sure you heard about Westminster Abbey before, the Tower of London, the British Museum the National Gallery, Buckingham Palace or Trafalgar Square. All great places to visit and get something to know about the history and culture of London when doing a guided tour.

But what about a London off the beaten track and places rather locals go to? The best way to experience the city with its special vibe is to discover it with a local guide of meetrip.com that knows best about it and who can show you the hidden gems of London.

We will propose you three things to do, that your local tour guide let’s you discover in London.

Did you ever heard about Primrose Hill? It is actually a classy neighbourhood and home to many celebs like Kate Moss Ed Milliband or Noel Gallagher. But aside from this the best thing about it is simple — the hill, which in fact is not that big and doesn’t take long to be on top when shown by your local tour guide. By night or by day, this view over London is exceptional and will make your trip a lasting memory. A local tip for walking up the hill: Do not look back until you get there and you be surprised how amazing the view over London is.

“Please mind the gap“ Does that sound familiar? London’s tube is famous over the world and already over 150 years old. That is why there are several “ghost” stations in the Underground that are not used for transport any more. Between Tottenham Court Road and Holborn there is the most famous one, British Museum. A travel tour guide of meetrip.com will give you deeper insights into the structure and design oft the tube plus some interesting extras.

The tube gives also room for creativity. The unused Station Charing Cross is turned into an “Underground Film Club” where classic film are shown on the walls of the underground shafts.

Another tip for your next guided tour in London: Did you know that there is a little Venice hidden in London? It is located in the area on the Grand Union Canal, within walking distance of the subway station Paddington. Get lost in between canals boats and bridges and your local guide will show you some nice cozy cafés along waterside. It’s a unique place where you forget for a few seconds that you are in a huge city like London. By the way, the Grand Union Canal way is linking London with Birmingham, which is not that obvious at first sight.

You can take these tours with one of our tour guides of meetrip.com and travel off the beaten track in London.

Source: http://blog.meetrip.com/blog/2016/03/02/explore-the-hidden-gems-of-london-with-your-local-travel-tour-guide/

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