The Five Things that only Michiganders can understand — Meetrip

Michigan is one of the most beautiful and underrated states in the U.S. this is a place that is filled with nature, art, and it’s own culture. Some people think that Michigan is just a boring Mid-western state but it is actually so much more than that!

One : There are beaches here!

Michigan is home to the world’s largest body of fresh water; it is surrounded by five huge lakes deemed as the “Great Lakes.” Around the coast of Michigan there are sandy beaches for everyone to use to go swimming or tanning. These are great beaches because you get the ocean feel without the danger of sharks or the annoyance of salt-water. It is perfect.

Two : We are not sure what “Soda” is.

Around the world there are plenty of different ways to ask for a coke or a sprite, or which ever carbonated drink that you want. In Michigan though we say “Pop.” So at a restaurant you ask for a pop or to see what kinds of pop they have, not soda. Soda is a foreign word in this state.

Three : Islands

The Great Lakes State is so great that there are even islands in our waters. One of the most popular tourist places to go visit in Michigan is Mackinac Island. This place is filled with places to visit and the best ways to travel around the island are on foot, on bike, or on a horse. There are no cars allowed.

Four: Geography

Considering that this beautiful states looks exactly like a mitten or a hand, it is perfectly normal to show people where you live in Michigan by pointing to the palm of your hand. Some people even live in the “thumb.” Other people may laugh at this but it definitely comes in handy when explaining the geography of Michigan to travelers!

Five : Pasty’s

One of the oldest and most delicious foods that was invented in this state is the Pasty. It was a food invented for lumberjacks that were gone out in the woods cutting during the winter and needed something convenient to eat and keep warm. It is a type of pie with meat and vegetables and potatoes in the middle. It is now something you can buy anywhere in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Being a Michigander has it’s ups and downs, but mostly ups. This northern states has an entire culture just to itself and is filled with many hidden secrets that are great for people who know the state.


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