Your Guide to the Best places to Travel in 2016

Summer 2016 is looking to be an eventful one. With the EU Brexit referendum, the Euros, the Olympics and finally the US presidential election, the world could be a very different place by the end of the year. So where is the best to watch it all happen? Fortunately for you, we have come up with a guide of the best 4 places to travel this year.


With the United Kingdom voting on their membership of the EU in June, this might be Europeans’ last summer to visit Great Britain and Northern Ireland with the freedom of travel of the Schengen agreement. So how about making the most of it by visiting one of the country’s most buzzing cities. The capital of Northern Ireland has a similar sort of charm as London but its size makes it a lot more manageable. With fantastic Victorian architecture, the infamous Crumlin Road Gaol, and the HMS Caroline museum which set to open in June, there is plenty to do in this historic capital. It is really no wonder that it is often listed by travel guidebooks as the UK’s best city for tourists.


If football is your thing, Lyon will be hosting some great fixtures for this year’s European Championships being held in France between 10th June-10th July. The Parc Olympique Lyonnais will see Italy play Belgium in a much anticipated group stage match with a quarter-final and semi-final fixture as well. The chance shouldn’t be missed to see some great international football action in one of France’s nicest stadiums.

Of course, there is much more to Lyon than just the football. The town is full of history and has a rich and interesting culture. The town is home to plenty of museums, Roman amphitheatres, a Byzantine-influenced cathedral as well as a word famous cobble-street old town in the centre of the city. Not to be forgotten is the region’s gastronomy, considered by many to be the best in France. Even if your budget can’t afford to eat in the Michelin-starred restaurants, use your time to take a guided tour around these historic institutions and the high-end shopping which characterise the city.

Rio de Janeiro

Where better to watch the world’s premier sports event than in the city where it’s all happening? This year the Olympic Games make their quadrennial stop at Rio de Janeiro (5th-21st August) and to mark the event, Rio have opened a selection of museums and activities. The Museu do Arte do Rio and the Museu do Amanha open their doors for the first time and the recently renovated Copacabana’s Museum of Image and Sound is also welcoming guests back.

Going to the Olympics is always a great experience and not to be missed but two weeks in Rio at this time could prove to be fairly expensive. If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, the best guidance might be to travel to the city for the two subsequent weeks for the Paralympics. This way you can still enjoy the Olympic atmosphere without having to pay the premium on accommodation and living expenses.


Towards the end of the summer the world’s attention will turn towards the United States as the country decides who will be the most powerful person in the world. The swing state of Florida always has a decisive say on who takes the White House and if we use history as a guide, it seems like this year will be no different.

Travelling to Florida’s capital, Miami, might give you the best chance to see the American electoral process first hand but with a list of cultural sights to see as well. The Faena Arts Centre is opening imminently on Miami Beach and downtown the 250,000-foot Frost Museum of Science is opening right next to the iconic Perez Art Museum. If that’s not enough, the city is also establishing itself as a gastronomic centre of the country as well with the 400 new restaurants which have opened in its business area.


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