Off late I have gotten into a very bad habit of criticising other people. It has become an addiction. It gives me a rush of ecstasy knowing that other people are worse off, hence I am better as a result.

It is a petty little habit that I have picked up and I want to get rid of it (just as I was writing this line, I was about to criticise other people from whom I thought I got this habit).

As an experiment, I am going to stop criticising anyone or anything for one week from now. Till the 8th of September. If I do criticise something, I am going to make a log of it.

1st day — criticised management of one of the hospitals I visited. They probably deserved it. I don’t know.
2nd day — criticised one of our clients for using our services for free
Interestingly, I was about to criticise Medium in my head since I was not able to find the Edit button for the article. Nice find!