Mar 10 · 3 min read

1-Preparation Before Doing

To make your busy life healthy, it is necessary that you prepare for your routine already, as if you cut the salad on the last night or fill the jumbo jar with fruits so that you can blunt it the next morning. Able to This makes a lot of difference and you will be able to prepare healthy food on time. If you want to organize your routine, you can also prepare a menu for a week-long meal, which will save your precious time too.

2-friend with friends

Namita Chandra, wellness guide and founder of Yoganama.com, says that if you have a shortage of time, make freezer your friend. You can easily freeze the soup stock, baked bread, fruits, beans and purses at home. If you want to freeze those fruits and keep them in the freezer, which is not sweet enough so that you can use it later when you are cooking.

3-Diversity in food

Well, it is good to use all kinds of fruits and vegetables in the food, but it is not necessary that they are full. In fact, if they are not taken with the right mail then there may be difficulty in digesting food. Do not consume more than 3 to 5 varieties of food in every meal. It is enough to fill our stomach. We can bring diversity in different types of diet during the week.

4. Liquid food also included

In busy days, you can eat khichadi, porridge, soup food like you can easily eat and eat. The special thing about this type of diet is that they do not need much preparation while they are formed and at the same time it is easier for the digestive system. According to Ayurveda, khichdi of mung dal and basmati rice is the most healthy and it is ready in a pressure cooker sometime.

5- Use Kitchen Tools

It is important that you have useful tools in your kitchen, for example, in the kitchen, there is a good knife, fruit and Julian peer, a salad spinner, a nice nutrient-like blender, and food processor, so you can work faster and competently. You can easily do kitchen work in a very short time. These resources are very useful for the good habits of our eating habits in this part of our life.

6- Keep in the bag some food items

Always have something to eat in your bag, so that you can calm down on your hunger after day. Nuts are its direct choice. Make mini packs and keep one or two with you while leaving for the day. You can keep fruits such as apples or bananas in your bag.

7-Drink water

Namita Chandra says that instead of drinking plenty of water, we should drink a little water regularly during the day. By drinking water in a large quantity at a time, he gets out of our body without being absorbed. To maintain the amount of water in the body, eating juicy fruits and raw vegetables is also a great solution.

8- Do not mumble in the work and at the time of food

Only eat when you eat, only work when you work. Dieting with the mind is essential for good health.

9- Exercise is also necessary

Diet is the source of energy for us, but it is also necessary to exercise to stay healthy. If possible, do exercises every morning in the morning so that you can experience full bliss and healthy throughout the day.

10-stay relaxed

It is very necessary for your busy life that you remain relaxed. If you remain happy from inside then you will also be healthy to stay away from mental stress.

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