We Opened the Toronto Stock Exchange!

TORONTO, CA — (Apr 4, 2017). MeetVibe, together with the Upside Foundation of Canada, opened the market at the Toronto Stock Exchange today. MeetVibe is a mobile Internet of Things (IoT) platform that connects the right people at the right time.

CEO Mircea Baldean, together with other Upside Foundation members, attended the Market Open Ceremony at 9:30 am EST. Co-founders Carol Aebi and Gabriel Paun joined virtually from Zürich, Switzerland and San Francisco Bay Area.

A replay can be viewed on the TSX website; photos are available on the TMX Group Facebook page.

About Upside Foundation

The Upside Foundation is a charity offering an exciting platform to help Canadian startups and high-growth companies “Share The Upside” and positively impact our community.

MeetVibe is a proud supporter of the Upside Foundation and we love creating synergies! The TMX Group responded to our call to help Canadian startups dream big and welcomed a selected group of young companies to open the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Connecting the right people, at the right time!

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Originally published at MeetVibe.