The people that made me me.

To those who have lied to me. Thank you for showing me that you have no power over me. Thank you for breaking me so many times that I have become indestructible.

To the first guy that broke my heart by telling me he likes me then treating me like a waste of space. Thank you for teaching me how much I am worth.

To the people I have lost, because they chose to walk out of my life without an explanation. Thank you for showing me how to treasure my relationships and appreciate those around me that actually care.

To the guy who constantly talked to me and gave me all the attention a girl could ever want, while giving it to 4 other girls at the same time. Thank you for teaching me the importance of loyalty.

To my childhood friend who watched me break and crash multiple times. Thank you for believing there is good in me, regardless of all the evil that I portray.

To my nagging mother who always tells me that I am doing things wrong. Thanks for teaching me how unconditional a mother’s love is, no matter how many horrid mistakes I have made.

To the friends who have listened to me complain about the same, petty issues. Thank you for validating that feeling things is not a crime.

To my father who I always felt I’ve disappointed. Thank you for teaching me the importance of dedication and hard work to progress through life.

To those that have used me at various points in life. Thank you for showing me that I am capable of helping others. But thank you also for making me aware of who I let in and who I dismiss.

To the friends that have abandoned me when I no longer was the happy, go-lucky version of myself. Thank you for showing me that I should never be dependant on others for my own happiness.

To the strangers that smile randomly on the streets to me. Thank you for showing me there is good in this world.

To my professors and teachers that told me I am not smart enough for X,Y,Z. Thank you for allowing me to prove you wrong.

To my incredibly selfish sister, who takes everything she wants knowing how much it will hurt those around her. Thanks for showing me the evil that selfishness is, thank you for showing me what I don’t want to become.

To my other, incredibly selfless sister. Thank you for showing me the strength in forgiving and forgetting, a trait I have never been able to master.

To my youngest sister, who never shuts up and can talk forever. Sorry for asking you to be silent, sorry for asking you to remove a part of you that is essential to your being. Thank you for showing me the innocence and happiness in the simplest of things.

To those who commit hate crimes against those like me, and those from other races and religions. Thank you for showing me the self-destruction that hate produces. Thank you for giving me something to work against.

To myself. Thank you for not breaking under the constant pressures and difficulties you have faced. Thank you for taking every challenge thrown at you and learning from it. Thank you for trying. Thank you for surviving.