“Kamby: The Third Republic”

Following yesterday’s historic election in The Gambia, I penned an open letter to my compatriots entitled, “Kamby: The Third Republic,” reprinted below:

Dear Compatriots,

We shocked the world!

Today, against all the odds, we liberated ourselves from 22 years of fear and repression. December 2, 2016 — forever our second independence day!

I’m so proud of our collective efforts. Through passion, sacrifice, and cooperation, we achieved the ‘impossible.’

Our tiny country showed the world how to topple an authoritarian regime. Peacefully. More than a blueprint, The Gambia renewed hope for millions of people around the world.

The world lacked interest in our plight. We do not have gold, oil, or diamonds. But today, we realized our greatest resource is ourselves.

Although we have entrusted leadership to President-Elect Adama Barrow and Coalition 2016, rebuilding will again require a collective effort.

There will be challenges ahead, but today let’s rejoice!

Tonight, we dream of a Third Republic full of Progress, Peace, and Prosperity.



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