How I felt becoming a parent for the first time .It was definitely very elating and enchanting . Motherhood is such a different kind of feeling , it is physically tasking as well as mentally challenging. 
From giving birth to a little angel to keeping pace with his her growth and as a mother living your childhood again. 
I vividly remember my baby came from a C-section and on the operation table under the effects of sedation I could very well see the gleam in the eyes of the doctor performing the C-section. Her eyes shone with happiness.
As I recovered I just couldn’t wait to catch a glimpse of my little bundle of joy . I had a baby boy with blue eyes ,I cuddled and kissed him .
The journey of parenthood cannot be summed up , it is a beautiful journey , a journey full of smiles tears and warmth. 
Becoming a parent is the biggest responsibility of life.

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