Spanish Town Love Life by Meg Holford

Since I was conceived in Spanish Town, I am bound to tell this Valentine’s Day story.

Dave’s Sixth Street Marching Band arrives in his alley to play a tune for our hostess, Melissa. Ben’s trombone wails out the chorus, “Always Something There” ricocheting off the wooden clabbers, always something there…

Here comes Jamye strutting out of the alley, checking out my handmade Valentine heart that Mel made, she realizes she lost hers. It was a really good one, “BE MINE FOOL”. As she marched around Spanish Town earlier that morning with the band, she lost hers on the busy streets. Darn. The parade is about to arrive, I head down to Neff’s, as usual, chit chat, dance, drum. KK, Shannon, Christopher, Noura, Erin, Ashley, Kevin, E, Huck, Barbier, Jett, Said, Thomas, the Krewe ya know, parade arrives, sun’s in my eyes, bells clanging, floats, beads beads beads. Zoe finds Sunny, Jolie, Felicia, photos, flowers, music, Baby Cakes, Nathan on the float, fetch a bag for Zoe, she has a huge load of booty.

Parade is over, I’m standing in Neff’s driveway, I look down on the pavement of Spanish Town Road and lo and behold_there is a heart “BE MINE FOOL” emblazoned with silver marker. OMG, I pick it up, it has been trampled all during the parade. I know where I have to go: back to Melissa’s. I’m in awe, shocked, elated to show her what I found. Now I think of all the hearts that Jamye finds on her walks, photographs them, then posts to Face book. This heart is in line with all those hearts. but this one is hers, tangible. First I show Melissa on the porch, Jamye!, where’s Jamye? I walk in, down the hall. There she is- I show her! WOW! Full circle, missing piece, returned to it’s owner, I saved her Valentine. She notices it’s a little worse for wear. She loves it. always something there to remind me…

A bit later, I photograph Jamye with her reclaimed Valentine. Denton happens to be standing there, State Capitol in the background. A little while later, I tell her Denton is in the photo and she says that’s perfect, “post that everywhere”, she says; because she is heart-broken this week, the man she likes doesn’t like her back… and I would be the fool if I didn’t tell this story. Spanish town love life — conceived.

Originally published at on February 16, 2015.

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