Asset Library

I consider myself firmly on the UX spectrum of design. I enjoy sketching and talking through ideas, building personas, and solving design issues based on those user personas. That is not to say I won’t dabble in the more visual UI sides of things.

At my most recent position, I worked with a team of 4 (initially 3) and this team was responsible for handling the design needs of a pretty large med-tech company (the company had recently merged with 2 other medical companies). As you could image, there was a lot of work for a small team to tackle.

I wondered if there was a depository for the frequently used and re-used assets so that no one would have to recreate or pull items from old files when creating comps. There was none, and thus, I was tasked with creating one.

Creating rapid prototypes was one of the most frequent tasks I’ve had since working at this company so I initially began building the library in Axure. However, about halfway through,I decided it may be better to build out in Adobe Illustrator.

On my second iteration of the library, the team decided it would be a good idea to include the hex and RGB codes to help the developers too. While I am sure this asset will change over time, I am pleased with how useful it has been and how much time it has saved in creating new web assets.

I am also glad I had the opportunity to step outside of Axure and Sketch and re-familiarize myself with Illustrator.

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