Chronobank — Uber Of Time

Chronobank ( ) is a very ambitious project. Its team members have constantly been updating development updates. Alongside, there have also been several partnerships with some major Companies/Teams/Groups. Let’s have a look at them.

Partnered Exchanges-

  • EXMO Exchange
  • Lykke
  • Liqui
  • Changelly
  • Livecoin

Changelly is an instant exchange service like Shapeshift. While EXMO, Lykke and Liqui are normal exchanges.

Other Partnerships-

  • Emercoin- It's an established and well known cryptocurrency platform. Chronobank would be using Three elements of Emercoin blockchain- emcSSL, emcSSH and emcDNS.
  • NEM (New Economy Movement) - It is a well known blockchain. Chronobank would be launching time based cryptocurrency (Labour Hour) on NEM blockchain and also develop an app - ChronoNEM.
  • Waves- Labour Hours would be launched on Waves block blockchain and with a dedicated app- ChronoWaves
  • Fintech Australia - It is a non profit organisation with an aim of making Australia one of the best country of Fintech Innovation. It would definitely increase popularity and adoption of Chronobank among the 70 startups that are part of this group.
  • InstaHire- An app (currently in development phase) which would be fees revolutionising employment industry .
  • International People Solutions (IPS) — Its an international recruitment consultancy company.

Companies Which Have Agreed to Issue LH

  • Anderson Recruitment and Training Pty Ltd
  • Host Group/Host Labour Hire
  • AES Labour Hire Pty Ltd
  • Edway Labour Hire

Audits by Independent Organisations

  • Mikko Ohtamaa from TokenMarket
  • Peter Vessenes from New Alchemy — first to point out the vulnerabilities of The DAO.
  • Nikolai Mushegian from MakerDAO — saved MakerDAO from major security vulnerability.

It has been a major achievement for Chronobank to have some great partnerships even before its launch.

Getting listed on 4 exchanges (more will come up) just after the ICO is also a good achievement.

Only 7 days are left for the Crowdsale to end. It has already reached around 4 million dollars of investments till now.

You can also invest in it before 14 February at

Contact me on BTT -Username- whiteface, 945296