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Things To Look For And Think About When Buying Your First Motorbike

If you’re a motorbike rider who’s just thinking about buying your first motorbike, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. There are so many things to think of in terms of features, models and brands. Additionally, you’ll have all kinds of choices in accessories, both necessary and unnecessary. In this article, we will review some of the choices you have before you and provide sound advice to help you make a wise decision when buying your first motorbike. Read on to learn more.

One thing you’ll really want to keep in mind when making a choice in motorbikes is your own ability to control the bike! If you’re a novice rider, choose your first motorbike in a humble manner. It’s better to start out safe and slow than to begin with a motorbike that’s too much for you and end up in an accident. You can always trade up later after you’ve had more experience.

In addition to being realistic about your own abilities, when you choose your new motorbike you should also think realistically about your needs. Consider where you will be driving the most. You’ll need a different sort of bike for maneuvering in heavy traffic than you would for riding long distances. Likewise, you will need a different sort of motorcycle for a regular everyday commute than you would for off-road sport riding. Purchasing a motorbike that is made for the kind of driving you will do most is a wise decision.

By the same token, when you’re selecting your first motorbike be a bit conservative about the accessories you purchase. Give yourself a little time to get used to riding and see what you really need before parting with your hard-earned cash. Begin with the basics, such as very high quality helmets for yourself and your passenger. Other must-have items include a sturdy and roomy saddlebag and a good quality protective leather jacket, boots and gloves. You can find tips about the vital gear you require on Mega Performance’s blog.

A new motorbike can be quite pricey, and you may be disappointed to find that it depreciates in value very, very quickly. In fact, a new motorcycle loses about 15% of its value the moment you write it off the lot. For this reason, purchasing your first motorbike secondhand makes good sense.

Just as with a car, you may be able to save a great deal of money by buying a well-cared-for used motorbike. The key lies in knowing what you’re looking at. Naturally, if you’re looking for a secondhand bike you should not accept any that have serious damage, dings and scratches. Even when you find one that appears to be perfect and rides well, you’d be smart to get a second opinion. Have your mechanic look it over to make certain that it is safe and sound.

You can find a secondhand motorbike at a motorcycle dealer; however, you will probably find better prices purchasing from a private seller. Just as with secondhand cars, though, a secondhand motorcycle does not come with the service agreement or warranty!

When looking at secondhand motorbikes from private parties, it’s smart to take your mechanic or a knowledgeable friend with you. Look over the bike, and if you are interested ask the seller to tell you about the bike, show you the controls and so on. Do this even if you are able to understand these things by just looking. When you draw the seller out, you are gleaning information regarding how well the motorbike has been taken care of.

Secondhand Motorbike Purchase Checklist

Get Great Tyres

If you do decide to buy a motorbike secondhand, there are a few things that you should definitely check to be sure that the bike is in good condition and roadworthy. They are:

1. The frame: Check the entire frame for damage and have a look to be certain that the wheels are aligned correctly.

2. Electrical: Start the bike up and check the fuel pump, gear switch, horn, signals and lights.

3. Engine: Let the bike idle for a few minutes to be sure the engine runs smoothly and that there are no fuel, water or oil leaks

4. Wheels: You’ll want to check the trueness, spokes, bearings and suspension. The front suspension should be aligned correctly within the yokes, and the fork seals should be examined carefully. Check the rear suspension for signs of wear, seizure and leaks.

5. Tires: Assess the general condition and tread depth.

6. Battery: Look at the water level in the battery and assess its overall condition.

7. Exhaust: Check for leaks.

8. Test drive: Start off slowly and take care to check that brakes and steering are working properly!

If you decide to buy a secondhand motorbike from a private seller, be sure that all proper certification and paperwork is taken care of. Check to be sure that there isn’t the loan out on the bike, and be certain to get a properly filled out bill of sale. Also, be very sure that you are covered by good insurance before you hop on your new motorbike and ride away! Taking care of all these important details carefully will help prevent disappointments and wasted time.

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