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With over 20 years in this game, Mega Performance understand the requirements of many a racer and recreational rider perfectly fine. If you have tried shopping online for your biking needs, chances are you have been left frustrated one time or the other. Ditto.

This is why we have made it our job to intuitively select a broad range of some of the best products available on the market in Australia today: from performance tyres to leather gloves, we have stocked all manners of accessories to make your ride as safe as possible — and fast of course. Super fast.

In the world of superbikes, power becomes evident when you hit the track where literally neck breaking speeds are the norm, not the exception. Maintaining that type of power on the track is critical, and we understand this.

This is why we have gone ahead to choose performance tyres with a proven track record: a range of BATTLAX tyres, the Diablos, raided the K.R. Tyre’s House just for you, and other brands available in Australia.

Don’t forget to drop by our tyre store and check out the range of street and track sports tyres we have in store.

We are not just about performance tyres though. Our aim is to offer the best possible shopping experience to any buff who pays us a visit or jumps online in search of biking accessories. So, if you are looking to get into track days or go racing, you will find different packages available. From armour bodies to bike stands to tyre warmers and stomp grips, we got it all.

We also stock a range of eye-catching leathers that are sure to catch your attention but we have to warn that these are racing-oriented in design. You will find the unisex MOTO-D Coolmax Motocycle socks that keep your feet cool and dry inside. These, ladies and gentlemen, will give you supreme control what with the traction grip inside the boot, and as anyone who has used them previously will tell you, you need not worry about weight.

Remember to also check out the high-stretch fit under suit that enables you to slide in and out of biking jackets, leathers and pants with ease, plus other leathers that are sure to interest you!

The goal of MEGA Performance is not to be just another store that carries premium brand accessories that riders of all styles may need. Nooo! We recognise the need to be customer-focused, and this is why we aim at offering superior customer service and shopping experience. And we are not saying this just for the hell of it.

Let us take care of your biking gear, you won’t be heartbroken. Cross our heart.

Originally published at on February 13, 2015.

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