Game Changers

This year I decide to create a game change in my career. Today I have something to share with you, this year my mind expanded and blown in diffirent ways, before I finish this article, my perception about this world will expand, again.

After Facebook became open source hero, bring to community many in-house projects, I decide to dancing with their music too, starting a new phase, as programmer, as software engineer, as teacher, as bar philosopher, as human.

Creating a new concept of yourself

This step is not so easy for someone who always stay looking for answers in others, trying actions to get success in existence. All shit I assigned to myself created many blocks as inert resistance to start something simple, discovery myself again.

After years allocated anothers project’s life who someone love to launch and get market share, get money and watch it burns, make me feel like something important was missing, as snapping fingers in my head started deep dive into journey to find what is missing.

A many questions reappear like rockets, good questions at all, not so simple to ask for a close friend, in fact all this is about make something significant for community. But, why not just for you? I’ll make it happen, became a writer is one baby step I had to take, missing best fit words in English, but I still having many things and important subjects what I love to share, just like you.

Asking something strong like that, you’ll find the answer… In your time. But, are you prepared to understand?

The Discovery

It’s all about know your own natural well-being. The path of happiness. The best way to understand this is now let’s get back the control of your own life and creating a pretty new reallity. All of my positive aspect I can list and use for this propose, understanding all this thoughts I received. It’s pure positive energy to create worlds. It’s about believe.

The happiness

Happiness can make all this better, including your existence in this world. When you are close enough of what you really are and you feel appreciation of all it’s coming. What you feel… it’s so good. Wake up and make it happen, every day, in every step, like a song, who you should be the writer. It’s your time. Happiness is the answer! Just ask and you will get it too.

Thank You